The simplest and the most sustainable way to source PET containers

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The simplest and the most sustainable way to source PET containers

Source packaging
Source packaging
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Greener Packaging AB

Founded in Sweden by sustainability and business-growth enthusiasts, with an ambition to revolutionise the packaging supply system. Thanks to Greener Packaging, in-house packaging production is now simple, green, cost-effective and available for any sized company, making sustainability profitable. Greener Packaging is like having an ice bucket dumped straight on the head for the PET packaging sector. It offers a refreshing view on how to approach sustainability in a realistic & achievable manner. It makes caring for the planet simple, affordable and beneficial for all businesses.

1. Revolutionary

Revolutionary packaging supply system

Greener Packaging is a revolutionary packaging supply system that offers the most sustainable and efficient way to source PET packaging.

2. From using

From using an external packaging producer…

Once upon a time there was a juice factory. The bottles for the juice came from an external producer. This meant high packaging costs, high complexity, and of course it caused quite a bit of pollution.

External PET container supply
2. From using

… to an in-house bottle supply service

One day they made their business more sustainable and profitable. How? By joining a revolutionary packaging supply system that enables small businesses to receive containers from within their plant.

in-house bottle supply service
2. From using

How does it work?

They received our patented in-house container dispensing system. Now they can choose any container shape in any quantity and at any time, all while continually reducing costs.

in-house container dispensing system
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Even more possibilities

Furthermore, the system makes it easy to sell surplus containers to others.

sell surplus containers to others
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Beverage container

Glass to PET

100% rPET


Cosmetics container