Save Money and Planet with Greener Packaging PET Containers

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Production Locations

At Greener Packaging, sustainability is our core value, reflected in our strategic production locations across Northern Europe.


Stockholm, Sweden.

Production Locations

Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland.

Our Clients

Case studies

Unique look

Thanks to the label-less container design.

Market impact

Bigger impact through sleeving service.

Entry to new markets

Due to transitioning from glass to glass-like PET.

Higher client appeal

Due to 100% rPET.

Premium impression

Through reduced container scratches.

Upgraded design

Triple production capacity within 3 weeks after PO.

Improved look

Through panel-less hot-fill technology.

Upgraded solution

Distinctiveness through lateral handle.

20% less materials

Thanks to optimized container design.

CO2 savings of 80t/year

Due to the full switch to PET.

170K EUR/year savings in logistics

Due to the switch to in-house production.

30% cost savings

Thanks to material and supply weight change.

Smaller transportation costs

Due to conversion from glass to lightweight glass-like PET.